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Raw dog food made with 100% fresh meat

Raw Dog Food from Nicholson’s Raw Animal Foods Ltd

Specialists in raw dog food made from 100% fresh meat.


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Raw dog food with nothing added – just frozen ready for delivery.

We are a family run business based in Southend On Sea in Sunny Essex, with over 40 years’ experience, in breeding training, and the welfare, of dog’s cats and various animals.

Ziggy eating raw dog foodWe only use human grade Meat in our raw dog food, sourced from Defra Approved plants. Our chicken mince has nothing added or taken away, we mince the whole carcase of the chicken including the skin and we do not sell rib cages as carcases as many others do. The reason they do is they cut off the meaty backs and sell these to restaurants for chicken soup, mincing only the low grade rib cage with very little meat content, hence the prices of their products. They sell the core, we sell the apple. Look at the images of our carcases for our raw dog food and then take a look at theirs.

I do not believe dogs, if given the choice, would eat vegetation of any kind. Dogs are carnivores, end of chat. Wild dogs only eat other food stuffs if pushed to do so, it must be understood what wolves actually eat in the wild, especially when they are not pressed by loss of habitat and human intervention. Contrary to some claims, wolves do not eat the stomach contents of their prey nor do wolves consume much vegetable matter. The preferred food of the wild wolf is the meat, bones, and organs of large hoofed mammals. In times of scarcity, desperate wolves will try to eat a variety of food items, just as would any starving creature, but they strongly prefer to eat meat, organ, and bone. Dr. L. David Mech has been studying wolves for decades and has published many books and articles on wolves and their diets. It is a carnivores Natural Instinct to eat meat, provided by Natures Menu, and make no bones, they love it.

I have a selection of articles I have penned and added to this site and will continue to write up more. For your interest, most of these articles have been printed previously by various magazines and enjoyed around the world. I hope you enjoy them, and our range of raw animal foods. Welcome to our website.

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Licensed DEFRA Number: 13/283/8124

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