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Feeding Guides

Feeding Guides-Raw Dog Food

I’m often asked about feeding guides customers come in and say my Xoloitzcuintle weighs 24 Stone how much should I feed it 4 times a-day?

Unless your dog is between the ages of 8-weeks to 6/8-months I have never seen any benefits to feeding them twice or three times a day. The whole concept behind the raw feeding diet is to get back to nature and to start feeding your dog not only what is good for the animal but moreover what its body was designed to eat.

Feeding your dog in the morning and then taking the animal out for a long walk an hour or so after this meat has been consumed is fruitless as your dogs metabolism will speed up causing the animal to empty, you wouldn’t feed a greyhound an hour before a race, or eat a meal before you go jogging- yet so many of you will feed your dog 2 or 3 times a day?

A dog’s digestive tract will work better and be brought back into kilter if the animal is fed one meal after exercise, the animal will rest and settle better and be given the maximum time to reduce the food down and get the most from all the nutriments within this meal, and thus produce less waste, this is called total digestion, a subject I covered in my article Wolves & Worms.

My own dogs are fed at the end of the day, after exercise, they are given an hour to settle down given a drink of water, then fed, once there meal has been taken they settle down and sleep it off, in the morning they will want to go out to relieve-empty there bowels, however they only empty there bowels once a day, never do they turn their noses up at any particular meal. Fussy feeders are the result of the owners, lack of understanding on how a dog’s digestive tract works, and moreover the 3 meals a day approach to feeding, will create a fussy feeder. If you don’t mind throwing good food away and changing it week in week out follow the feeding guides and feed 2/3 meals a day to your animal, I don’t measure out food- 500 grams for this one a kilo for that one, I put down more than enough once the dog is full it will walk away, in time you will know how much your dog needs, if the animal starts to look like it is eating too much daily I will reduce the amount, this is simply good husbandry. You can own 2 dogs from the same litter, one will eat 500 grams the other a kilo, but both look fit and will maintain the same body mass.

Contrary to whatever one reads on the internet with these stupid guides as they are simply flawed, there are no hard or fast rules to feeding a dog regardless of weight, as there are so many contributing factors that are never explained or taken into consideration when these guides are written up by someone who probably doesn’t own a dog, never will, and eats Mc Donald’s for breakfast or Eukanuba, one is manufactured by Mar’s.

So my aim is to in this little article to feeding guides is to debunk your average feeding guide and all the nonsense that runs hand in glove.

Animals that have been Neutered, Neutering is the general term used for the surgical removal of the reproductive organs in both male and female dogs. Castration is the removal of the testicles of the male dog. Spaying is the removal of the ovaries and uterus of the female dog.

However once the genitalia has been removed from your animal, there will be weight-gain believe me, regardless of what your Vet has advised, personally I have never understood Vets offering this advice to remove parts of a healthy dogs body apart from of course financial gain on their part,  however along with weight-gain can follow a wider range or problems. Food consumption however will need adjusting downwards sometimes to the smallest amounts and still you may struggle to keep this fluctuating weight problem in check. Unless there is a medical reason, disregard, advice to chop bits off your dog, there are a wide range of hormone injections for bitches that are comparable to the contraceptive pill for humans. … At around £40.00 per injection, the cost of this contraceptive method is relatively small and far kinder in my view than the aforementioned.  As for males Suprelorin the implant is capsules that can be placed under the dogs skin that slowly releases a hormone that affects a dog’s fertility, Suprelorin can likewise be used on Hobs male ferrets these are however only temporary and generally last around six weeks, however very effective if you have a bitch in heat and do not want puppies or an harem of Gills female ferrets and do not desire kits. I personally have never found a problem with in season bitches, the season only lasts 21 days in dogs at best a small price to pay for a healthy active animal, (and thus would add however) that I find these drugs mentioned above extreme, I would never consider putting a contraceptive drug or any other drug for that matter into my animals should it not need to take this on board for a medical reason only, anymore than I would use a flea treatment or worming remedy on my dog unless I saw signs that the animal needed treatment, routine treatment or moreover routine payments to vets is all I see this as.

Hormone replacement therapy for human females or males for that matter will more than likely be offered, to help a patient over and after your body has had a reproductive organ removed, however no such treatment is offered after your dog has gone through the same operation, In dogs and cats, there hasn’t been much consideration taken into what happens with their bodies as a result or spaying neutering or castration, however it is believed they experience the same symptoms, however what I find even more alarming is that more often than not vets remove these reproductive organs before the animal has even had a chance to reach puberty. , and I very much doubt they would consider doing this to your children which sounds somewhat cynical I guess.



Castration, Dunbar (Veterinary Review, suggests that after lengthy studies that pets castrated that there appeared to be no obvious reduction in aggressive characteristics after castration, Indeed, many dogs may even continue to copulate for several months after gelding. Many males continue to manifest aggression towards other dogs and some continue to spray furniture. It would appear that the dog owners should think very long and hard about emasculating an animal as obviously the process is irreversible.


Animal rescue centres neuter animals periodically and for good reason, to reduce the amount of unwanted dogs bred by or homed to irresponsibly owners that more offend than not have abandoned them in the first place, these centres and there staff carry out amazing work usually run funded by sponsorship and there staff contribute their time free of charge for the love of animals in general.

Dogs and bitches identifier each other from sniffing the genitalia however once removed a mistake in my view, they cannot do this. Bullying can develop with free running dogs in a park for instance because of their inability to produce scent and in kennels, fights are commonplace for the same reason, where a neutered female animal mounts an entire male due to the fact she doesn’t know what she is and is getting mixed messages, the entire males does and attacks the bitch for trying to mount him. Interestingly entire animals of the opposite sex rarely fight each other.

Racing Greyhounds the athletes of the dog world are never neutered during their racing years for this very reason, as neutering also reduces their appetite or zest for life and moreover running, slows down their metabolism they simply wouldn’t compete as well if emasculated, also due to their fluctuating weight and moreover their appetite to run, dogs that are entire have far more energy for life. Greyhound bitches that are in season are not permitted to run on a licensed track, not for the obvious reason that they attract the attentions of males & females alike, but an in season bitch is said to develop a layer of fatty tissue around her heart when she is in season and the build up of fatty tissue places a tremendous strain on the constitution of an animal that is required to run at speeds in excess of 30 miles per hour. The build up of fat is however necessary in preparation for reserves as she would be preparing for whelping in a natural environment.

I will conclude on the guide side of this article that I’m fast approaching the end of a geological cycle of erosion and weigh the same as I did when I was half this age, I could eat cream cakes all day if I desired but my weight would remains the same, so much for feeding guides, dogs like humans are all wired up differently, what will suit one dogs consumption will have devastating effects on another, find a balance that works for your dog, if your animal looks under par feed it more if it is looking corpulent feed it less, good husbandry is the key, however the last person I would take dietary advice from would be a vet who peddles kibble manufactured by Mar’s, Nestle or Colgate – Palmolive because its sponsors his/her nurses training and drugs, vets becomes vets because of the pay grade nevertheless, and vets run a business, just like any other business it needs its customers your animals to remain in business, just like a mechanic needs your car, and they use these pretty little stands and display cabins in there reception areas to peddle this muck but not because it is good for the animal that has to try and digest it, but simply because it helps pay the bills.

Whatever you opt to feed your dog perhaps you will bare this in mind; God in his informant wisdom gave dogs 42 razor shape teeth, curiously the exact same amount as wild dogs, Wolves Dingo’s etc, now there’s a (surprise!  However these tools/teeth were not intended for stripping lettuce, or to chew dry kibble, which must be in comparison for the animal too eating saw dust, however the phenomena is the 4 sets of acid glands that secrete to dissolve and digest bone and other food matter, (during total digestion) the dog’s gut can reach below pH1. 0, equivalent to car battery acid, a level it can remain at for 5 hours.

Many years ago I wrote to the Wolf expect Scientist and American biologist     Lucyan David Mech, regarding some research I was working on, David Mech was at that time involved in a project after years of lobbying congress to obtain a permit to re introduce Wolves back into Yellowstone park, for those of you that have seen the documentaries Yellowstone you will have seen what an  enormous success this has been and moreover an amazing achievement for the worlds lending authority on the species (Canis lupus), prior to this permit being granted David Mech studied and lived in very close proximity to several Wolf packs in Canada, being able to watch their hunts and moreover what they was eating on a daily bases, David concluded that Wolves are carnivorous Wolves will eat plant material that is true, however only if they are starving, just like any staving creature will eat anything to stay alive, and went on to make a sweeping statement in six words so to make it perfectly clear (herbivores eat plants, carnivores eat herbivores), it is thus commonly believed by most cynologists, that the only greens to be of any real nutritional value to a carnivore are the contends of the stomach of the herbivores being consumed, this partially digested grass is simply bursting with nutriments, and  is why during feeding times my own observations are that dogs in general will simply go wild for un washed un treated tripe, however to try and substitute this by adding vegetables to a dogs diet i.e. carrots for example, they simply pass through the animal body without  changing colour or being broken down or digested in anyway shape of form thus cannot have any real nutritional value whatsoever.


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