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Beware of White Collies

In the September of 1877, a drover cum dog dealer, James Whitburn, was scheduled to leave for New Zealand with a consignment of breeding sheep and a coffle of rough coated herding dogs which were destined to be the ancestors of that rather nebulous type of sheep herding dog, the Smithfield Collie. Just prior to… Continue Reading

Raw Dog Food verses Commercial

The only reason I can see as to feeding commercial dog food, is convenience? You pop your hand into a bag and that’s it, dogs fed, the point that some people add other food stuffs to a supposedly complete diet, are simply now making it incomplete? If and it is a big if indeed as… Continue Reading

The Meanest Man In The World

In 1930 the journalist George Nairn returned to Scotland from New Zealand in search of some “old country “nostalgia. His parents had left Scotland in 1900 and settled at a sheep station in North Island, but George had aspirations of greater goals. As a free-lance journalist Nairn traveled extensively and while in Australia struck up… Continue Reading