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Please Don’t Poison Me!!

I noticed the other day my dog kept sniffing around the Hoover which was standing against the wall to remind me to use it. Later that evening I came in from exercising my dog to be greeted by a mouse lying next to the vacuum cleaner alive just, its mouth was opening and closing as the wretched creature fault for breath, I despise the use of poison it is a dreadful death taking up to 72 hours from first indigestion, however it is widely used in households around our Island without thought or care, to the first or the many of these animals or creatures it sadly brings a ghastly close to their lives. No one wants to be overrun with pests, however it is not in their understanding that we have built a concrete jungle above their heads removing their natural habitat.

The more common sense approach and this is a tongue in cheek expression or perhaps a misinterpretation of this accolade as the problem with common sense, (is it’s not that common-right?) as us humans seem to take great care to express or use such ridiculous accolades, i.e. Rush Hour, where nothing moves, nothing, a complete standstill of traffic? Anyway back to it. The more common sense approach would be to live trap these creatures that way the trapper has the more human opportunity/choice to either release the creatures into a field, or to harden ones heart perhaps and drop the live trap a wire mesh construction/trap, cage with the occupants inside into a bucket of water, the results I suppose are the same, death nevertheless however which one would you prefer given the choice?

More importantly you must before baiting your trap with Bromethalin a widely used chemical for Mouse or Rat poison consider secondary poisoning? Which is, once you have now killed this rodent what do you now intend to do with its poisoned body? Toss it over the wall for your neighbour’s cat to eat it and likewise die? Or the crow that visits your garden, or the fox that finds the now dead crow? Incidentally Bromethalin the most popular chemical used in modern Mouse or Rat bait, there is no test available to detect its presence neither is there an antidote?

Why Is Bromethalin So Deadly?

Bromethalin is a neurotoxin that affects cells in the brain and liver. It causes sodium accumulation within cells that result in fluid build-up within the brain.

Bromethalin poisoning is fast acting — signs of brain swelling and central nervous system disturbance can appear within 2 to 4 hours after ingestion. The swelling compresses nerves, which then lose their ability to send messages, depending on how much poison have been ingested; symptoms can include unsteadiness, weakness, muscle tremors, paddling motions of the limbs, hyper excitability, depression, and vomiting, high fever, stiffness in the front legs, and ultimately seizure and Cardiac arrest within to 72 hours.

I remember a few years ago, I was in my yard cleaning up, when I noticed a chap placing baited traps around the adjacent land, I ask him about what he was doing and he said he was a council pest controller and had been instructed to place the traps, I told him it concerned me as to secondary poisoning he said he knew nothing about that? I told him that I had a number of animals and should any of them become sick due to his actions I would be taking this up with the council, and asked him for contact details. Two hours later the same chap was back removing the traps, he said that he had gone back to his depot and reported what I had discussed with him and was instructed to return and remove the traps immediately. He was a nice enough chap and we ended up having a cup of tea and a chat, he was quite fascinated with what I had told him, and went on to disclose that he hadn’t received any training and was merely employed to place and remove baited traps.