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Anumul Start Right



A multivitamin liquid for puppies, designed to support optimum growth and development in young puppies. A comprehensive range of vitamins ensures the healthy development of bones and muscles.

  • Vitamin A is needed for growth and health of the puppy; a deficiency may lead to defects in bone growth.
  • Vitamin D is required for Ca and P absorption. Deficiency results in failure of bones to calcify normally, leading to skeletal problems and poor growth.
  • Vitamin E is essential for the integrity of reproductive, muscular, circulatory, nervous and immune systems, also protects cells from oxidative damage, this antioxidant role is vital in young growing puppies.
  • B group vitamins are required for the metabolism or the utilisation of fat, protein & carbohydrate, and growing puppies require optimum energy conversion to enable them to grow correctly.

Supporting the puppy with correct nutrition is essential during the early months of the puppy’s development. As puppies grow, their requirement for the nutrients increases, and delivering these essential vitamins allows this to occur.

Feed guide

To be fed at a level of 1ml per day per month of age. Increase as follows, from the first month 1ml per day, second month 2ml per day, third month 3ml per day, fourth month 4 ml per day, fifth month 5ml per day, sixth month 6ml per day and so forth.

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