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Anumul Travel Well



Long and short distance travelling can have an impact on the physiological parameters of dogs. Research suggest that transporting dogs can impact cortisol and corticosterone levels, indicating that transport is a potent stressor for dogs.

Ensuring the dog can recover from the potential stress factors caused by travel is essential for optimum performance. Heat stress and dehydration can both result from inadequate transport conditions and maintaining the ideal environment for travelling is essential for the health and wellbeing of the dog.

Research in other species also suggest a decrease in appetite may occur following transport, over long distances, further impacting recovery of a dog following both transport and competition.

Anumul Travel Well is a unique product, specially formulated to support dogs during transport, in particular transport prior to competition.

Travel well paste has been formulated to contain electrolytes, Nucleotides have also been included for their positive impact on the overall health of the dogs, they are a conditionally essential nutrient enhancing the function of the immune system and supporting recovery as well as regeneration of damaged cells or tissues. During periods of increased stress, such as travelling, nucleotide demand exceeds the supply available and additional levels are required. Yeast & Prebiotics have also been included to support and maintain correct digestive health, the inclusion of Vitamin B12 assists metabolism, ensuring the dogs can recover quickly from any transport induced stress.

Feed Guide

1g/10kg of bodyweight prior to travel.

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