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Raw Green Tripe Minced


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Tripe is an excellent source of nutriments it contains plenty of enzymes and essential vitamins giving also a boost to their digestive tract.

Green Tripe the line in the sand.

Green Tripe is an excellent source of protein, up to 70% of the protein in Raw Green Tripe has 7 amino acids, which are essential to the function of your animal/pets body, these include, tissue repair, immune system, urinary tract, general digestive tract.

Raw Green Tripe

Is likewise packed to the hilt with Probiotics, Raw Green Tripe, has very high levels of lactobacillus acidophilus, which is a healthy Probiotic, and is absolutely essential to your animals/pet’s body, Raw Green Tripe, brings a balance by promoting healthy bacteria preventing you animal/pet from becoming unwell, promoting healthy digestion with likewise optimal nutrient absorption within their digestive track.

Raw Green Tripe

Contains Enzymes, why are these so important? Natural enzymes assist the process in which the digestive track has to do, by facilitating the natural breakdown of food into nutrients, thus the more enzymes the more minerals & vitamins become serviceable to your animal/pet’s body to receive as food.

Raw Green Tripe

The Key to Health!!

Minerals & Vitamins in Raw Green Tripe also contain moderate amounts of partially-digested greens; these greens unbolt nutrients that are not available, if say your animal/pet was to ingest grass that a cow or goat would eat while grazing. Herbivores such as cows and sheep have different digestive enzymes in their bodies for digesting the things that they normally eat – grasses, for instance. Your pet, primarily a carnivore, has different digestive enzymes for digesting raw meat, such as they would in the wild. By including partially digested roughage in your pet’s diet, you give them more usable nutrients for their system. These vitamins and minerals would be hard for them to get in any other way.

Raw Green Tripe

Calcium and Phosphorus

Green Tripe has nearly faultless calcium to phosphorus ratio, as well as an optimal ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, making it nutritionally balanced. Raw Green tripe is also acidic in pH, making it easier for your pet to digest – perfect for sensitive stomachs (though the smell may request a peg on ones nose?

Healthy Fats in Raw Green Tripe is high in heart-healthy unsaturated fats, nearly 50% of the total fat in tripe is unsaturated. These fats provide quality, long-term energy and amplify healthy HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol- Bon Appétit.

Raw Green Ox Tripe does not contain any bone content


Please Note
Green Tripe is not however suitable in my view for puppies under 10 weeks old, as sometimes can prove far too rich in my experience.

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