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What’s your Vet got on special offer this week – buy one get one free?

Vets today are a fry cry from yesteryear, I remember as a small child going into my vets, presented with a very basic waiting room with a few benches and a likewise small counter to make ones appointment.

Personally the last person I would take advice from regarding my pets feeding requirements would be a pet food salesman? However sadly today vets have become audacious in their approach commercially motivated with the kick backs they receive from these companies, not just with commissions they receive from pet food sales, they likewise receive huge sponsorships with training of staff and a verity of commissions which include the drugs they use in there surgeries if they peddle these wares. The problem is vets have allowed themselves to be influenced by the pharmaceutical companies and the dog food manufacturers – to the great detriment of our pets.

Today when you enter your vets it’s nothing short of a super market, there’s very expensive pet food from commercially made up muck some concoction or other “science diets” whatever that means, all made by the same company with a verity of brand names however the same manufacturer nevertheless. Dog bowls flea treatments collars leads the list is endless, and so seems is the purchase price, all of these items can be obtained for a fraction of these prices. It used to be that dogs visited the vet pretty rarely. They only needed a couple of vaccines, and were certainly not eating veterinary prescription diets they weren’t continually loaded with heartworm preventives, flea and tick meds and shampoos, de-wormers, pharmaceuticals and a whole lot more. Thinking back, maybe that’s why they didn’t need to go to the vet after all?

Sadly most common veterinary practices are harming our animals. Vets today have too many drugs, vaccines and chemicals at their disposal and are simply over willingly or moreover happy to dispense them. The more damning part is the accountability they have none for their actions, yes none. The sharp end is they can and do ignore vaccine labels recommendations or prescribe harmful or unnecessary drugs and we pet owners have no alternative.

Back in the 1970’s, when I started breeding dogs they were only vaccinated for one or two diseases, today, they are vaccinated for Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Bordetella, Lyme disease, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, Rabies, Canine flu, Coronavirus however after all the aforementioned there seems to be more coming to a vet near you very soon, today, dogs and puppies are often vaccinated with seven or more viruses at the same time small wonder they sleep the rest of the day after receiving the aforementioned concoction?

It’s been largely acknowledged for the last thirty or forty years that the core vaccines most likely last for the life of the animal. Not only are vets delivering more and more vaccines to our pets, they’re continuing to do so on a schedule that has clearly and consistently been proven to be both ineffective and dangerous.

Now to the advice they offer up take Castration, Vets should really stop offering such bad advice just to up the coffers.


Personally I would never under any circumstances geld a male dog, for personal reasons or for reasons advised by a vet or dog trainer because possibly their own inadequacies.

I would only ever consider the emasculating of a dog for health reasons.

Dunbar (Veterinary Review) suggests that while the majority of people seeking to have their pet’s castrated do so under poor advise, or in order to prevent the animal from breeding, some request the operation in order to reduce or ameliorate the dog’s undesirable characteristics such as aggressive behaviour, mounting sundry animals, inanimate objects and spraying, marking objects in the owners house.

Dunbar likewise suggests that there appears to be no obvious reduction in these undesirable characteristics after castration, indeed, many dogs even continue to copulate for several months after gelding. Many males continue to manifest aggression towards other dogs and some continue to spray furniture and even the legs of human’s visitors to the house.

I have likewise found other problems with geldings, entire males cannot, or seem to find it harder to identify them, and try to mount them causing fights to break out, bitches likewise find the fact they have no gonad scent, they are something to play with or hurt.

I keep dogs in number not a single dog in the house, dogs have a pecking order when in number, and castrate males, are at the bottom of that pecking order in my opinion, if I boarded a castrate male here, and allowed my dogs to meet the animal under supervision, it would receive a poor reception, if I allowed them to meet in un supervised, in number, they would kill it, in my opinion.

Personally for that reason we never board castrate males as, it’s a fuse, waiting for a bomb to be attached.

I bred a litter of Bullmastiffs many years ago, with no intention of keeping any of the pups, however in the litter was a huge brute of a dog, he was truly magnificent to look at the dog shone out from the others, even as a whelp had a certain quality about him, however for good reason Ged was the name I gave him, and he was and has been the most aggressive dog I have ever owned in my life, he was taken into my house at a very early age, however although he was fine with the family he was a devil with strangers, dogs every dog that ever stood before him would simply roll on their backs in submission, like you see on nature programmes when the alpha male returns, Ged would not tolerate a castrate around him.