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Wolves and Worms

Have Wolves a natural built in immunity to worms? Have you ever wondered how Wolves or wild carnivores deal with worms?

A few things contribute to them being less receptive to parasites; this is also further supporting evidence that Wolves do not participate in the eating of the stomach contents of the kill which are packed with worm larvae.

The first being their diet 100% raw, fresh killed prey this is the healthiest diet for any dog regardless of type size or breed.

The second is there feast and famine diet, Wolves have to eat when food is available hunting up prey sometimes proves difficult and non productive, and as they can go for very long periods without a successful kill a week or so would not be uncommon.

This feast and famine existence is beneficial to all wild carnivores, as when they eat and eat until their stomach are at their full capacity their stomachs then releases the strongest of digestive acids from glands that only work like this when the stomach is fully stretched, the more it is stretched the more acid is released from the glands inside the drum, like pushing against a wet sponge most domestic dogs never get to experience this it is called (Total Digestion)

These harsh acids kill off most ingested parasites before they reach the next stage of development, likewise because they go days without eating, they can potentially starve off most parasites internally that are residing in their intestines and gut.

Also a natural diet sets up the best intestinal flora colony, this helps to ward off parasites and other bacterial infections, commercially fed dogs will be trailing in this ability, as man is not only happy with changing the purpose of his/her animal in which it was intended, he is now depriving it of its natural diet of raw fresh meat bone and organs!! (A nation of dog lovers?)

Pet owners must understand that the intake of processed food just like the intake of drugs kill off both the harmful and the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. These beneficial bacteria are a crucial part of the immune system, protecting our pets against viruses, bacterial and fungal infections, as well as parasites, because we eat so much processed food our own flora colony is so out of kilter the human being is having to result to probiotics to try and restore the body back to some kind of balance.

Free feeding or feeding your dog many small meals a day has no health benefits whatsoever, one must understand how the dog’s digestive system works in order and in doing so; one’s dog would have less health problems if fed a natural diet with larger meals less often. Internal and external parasites are always attracted to less healthy animal.

It is not to say that Wolves don’t die from parasitic infections, because occasionally they do, especially in Alaska where they live on a diet primarily of salmon, Raw fish any fish stomachs are havens for parasites, especially tape worm, it must be added that Chickens are not void of such parasites, however any frozen meat carcase mince etc once frozen will be free from these nasty vile organisms that live on or in a host and obtain its own food from or at the expense of its host, I’m afraid these organisms are sitting tenants!!

Likewise to assume your pet sleeping at your feet is ever completely free from worm larvae because you use one of these now very popular spot on treatments is not true. One must understand the worm’s cycle to understand the production of such organisms as worm larvae can lie dormant in certain tissues for years.

Round worm the most common of worms found in canines, and are to blame for much of the non dog loving general public’s hostility to dogs and is attributed to the fact that dogs tend to host these nasty and unpleasant parasites, and moreover the fact that humans can likewise become infected with this organism and suffer from an equally unpleasant disorder called visceral larval migrans. This is a complaint caused when the roundworm larvae seek to migrate through the tissues of the human body, or lodge in certain tissues and lie there dormant for years.

It is good practice to worm a pregnant bitch of round worms when she is some six to seven weeks into her pregnancy and, I might add despite the fact that this is an old practice, there is reams of scientific evidence that such a worming is extremely advantageous to the development of the foeti. When a bitch is perhaps six and one half weeks pregnant certain hormonal changes within her body trigger the migration of round worm larvae, or perhaps alert them to the presence of new life within the bitch’s uterus. The larvae then migrate across the placenta and infest the foeti. It is virtually impossible for the average dog owner to produce puppies which are totally free of round worms. Puppies should likewise be wormed as a matter of course from three weeks of age and again at six weeks, there is a school of thought that suggests tapeworms enjoy a symbiotic relationship with dogs, but as yet no anatomist has suggested that round worms benefit the health and development of the dog in any way.

Personally I use a worm remedy that expels the worms whole, as I like to see the results, worming an animal with a drug that dissolves the worms in the gut, would leave me pondering as to whether the animal actually had worms in the first place, and see no point whatsoever in worming any adult animal, unless worms are seen in the first instance, or the animals appearance suggests worms are present, as taking any drug unnecessary can cause problems, spot on remedies I would also avoid from using on my own animals as a matter of course any drug that is routinely used like these spot on remedies as the parasites eventually become immune to such drugs, doses would need to be increased or brands with chemical changes offered the question is why use them unless you see the parasites as you are just making these companies profits hit the roof?